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We bring delicious Asian food to your home or to your office!

We have great news for you!

When ordering our food through environment we'll provide free transport for your order over 35 €!

When ordering food through environment the transportation starts from only 1.90€

Looking forward to your orders through environment:

WOLT link

Looking forward to your orders through environment:


-          When ordering food for over 35 € then the delivery is FREE!

-          When ordering food for less than 30 € then the additional 4.50€ is added for the delivery cost in borders of Tartu.

-          Order fee for close counties near Tartu is /check from. 5.50€.

-          You can pay for your home delivery with bank transfer, cash and with debit or credit card.

-          Unfortunately paying with Asian Chef Gift Cards for home delivery is not accepted.

* You can't order alcohol through environment.

Please read more information from environment. is our good partner in business.

If you would like to pick up your order by yourself from our restaurant Võru 2, then please call our phone +372 50 90 442 and forward your order to our customer service assistant.

NV! Please pay attention to the red stars related to all of our dishes which are characterizing the spiciness of a certain food. When in doubt, we recommend to ask for additional advice from our experienced customer service assistants - spiciness of a certain food can also be edited regarding to your wishes.

We are now offering Catering Service for all of our Clients:

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