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Asian Chef is selling oriental spices! Spices do not only make your dish tastier, but are also good for your health in many ways!


Use: birdmeat, fish-, rice-, pasta- and pork dishes, seafood and salad sauces.

Interesting facts: turmeric is one of the most powerful natural healers, being most known for its antiinflammatory quality. Recent researches have shown, that turmeric is a miracle of nature, which has been a useful cure for different medical problems from cancer to Alzheimer disease. Chinese medicine has used turmeric for a cure of depression for a long time.


Use: meat-, fish-, potato-, egg-, pasta- and rice dishes.

Interesting facts: chili contains up to 7 times more C-vitamin than orange. Chili is useful for digestion and helps relieve migraine and muscle-, bursal- and nerve pain. Researches have shown, that chili might pay a big role in curing cancer and leukemia.


Use: vegetable dishes, sauces.

Interesting facts: fenugreek helps getting rid of agita. In a form of compress, it helps to heal skin problems and mixed with lemon and honey, fenugreek helps against fever. Long term use lowers cholestorol and blood sugar.


Use: cakes, breads, fruit desserts, minced meat-, lamb- and broiler dishes.

Interesting facts: the value of cardamom as a medication is proven by the fact, that all early cultures from all around the world have found a use for it. In China, cardamom was used to cure nervous system troubles, arabics used it as a love drug, greeks used it as a mouth refreshener and in Rome cardamom was used to heal complaints about eating too much.


Use: lambmeat, broiler-, fish- and vegetable dishes, yoghurt sauces, seafood and cream sauce.

Interesting facts: herb and seeds heal flatulency, cough, diarrhea and digestion problems.


Use: soups, pot roasts, lentil and rice dishes.

Interesting facts: Chinese medicine uses black cardamom to cure malaria and keep the stomach healthy.


Use: Popular Indian mix of spices. Contains of coriander, clove, laurel, pepper, cumin, chili, cinnamon, fennel seeds, cardamom, star aniseed.

Interesting facts: Garam masala doesn’t have a certain recepie. It originates from India, but the consistency differs by areas and preferences of the chef.

Price of a Spices (a piece): 2€